I suggest you ...

1. after you settle up- show history somewhere.

i'm using your application and i noticed there is something missing (for me at least).
i was using the app with my roommate to put monthly bills, but after i settle up with her and i wasn't sure if i charge her for the internet bill of last month i had nowhere to go see if i did it or not.
So i have a 2 suggestion:
1. after you settle up- show history somewhere.
2. an option to enter bills by months so ppl can see the bill and for what month the bill was for.

Would love to hear what you guys think

Ady BaR-EL

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completed  ·  AdminSplitwise Support (-, Splitwise) responded  · 

Once you settle up with a friend or settle up with everyone in a group, we hide all the previous expenses with them, but we don’t delete them.

To view them, you can simply tap on the big green checkmark that appears on your friend/group screen that says “You are all settled up”. Once you tap on it, you should be able to see all your old expenses.

For your second suggestion, you’ll be glad to know that Splitwise already supports recurring bills!

When adding a new bill on the web or in our mobile apps, click on the date. This should reveal a screen that allows you to change the date of the bill and set a repeat interval (weekly, monthly, etc).

If your bill repeats, you will also have the option to set an email reminder for a few days in advance. That reminder will be sent to all members on the bill, in order to remind them that the bill is due shortly.

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    Hi ,

    Once I settled up , how can I do undo settle up to previous state.



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