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Adding a participant to a bill shows several options for that same participant


Often when I add someone to a bill on Android (filling the "With you and" field) I tend to get confused on what to select from the autocomplete.

For example, I input a friend's name (already using Splitwise) and I get several options for that friend, including several e-mail addresses he owns. Even after I learned that the first option, the Splitwise persona, is usually the best, this still confuses me.

I think a solution to this would be to have different icons shown next to contacts in the autocomplete - the Splitwise logo for Splitwise accounts, and just a generic icon for contacts that do not yet use Splitwise. Right now, the same generic icon is shown for all options.

OR better yet, allow it in Settings to disable showing phone contacts at all (you can still have it turned on by default for first time users who probably don't know anybody on Splitwise yet).


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Update: with the Android 4.0 release, the address book icon is now an envelope to make it a little more clear that this will invite a new person

This is something we do plan to fix, but it’s stuck on some odd technical issues so I can’t promise a solution soon. For now, as you noted, the first entry is the correct one.



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