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Multi Currency

I wish there was a way to convert multi currency into one home currency to square off debits.

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Splitwise does support currency change/conversion features. There’s 2 types of currency operations:

Currency change - this will simply change the currency on ALL your bills/expenses to a desired currency. For example if you have an expense between 3 friends for USD 100 and you use this feature, the bill amount will simply change it to EUR 100. This feature is useful for cases where you or your friend made a mistake while setting the currency earlier and now simply want to correct that mistake.

To use this feature, simply click on your name on the top right on our website and navigate to the ‘Your account’ section. Here, you’ll find an option to ‘Set all bills to EUR’ in the ‘Advanced’ section at the bottom. This feature is free to use for all Splitwise users.

Do note that this change is IRREVERSIBLE. Once you choose to change your currency, there is no way to revert it should you change your mind later.

Currency conversion – In general, Splitwise keeps your balance in each currency separate (e.g. “You owe $12.45 and you are owed £8.72”). However, Splitwise Pro includes the ability to do currency conversion via our website. In one click, you can convert all your transactions with a given friend or group using the current market exchange rate.

To do so, just click on a friend or group in the left sidebar, then click the settings icon at the top of the right sidebar. If you have any transactions with your friend/group that are not already in your default currency, you should see a button to convert all transactions to your default currency. This will update all past expenses to use the new currency.

Please note that if you add additional expenses in the future, those expenses will not be automatically converted – you’ll need to come back and click the “Convert” button again, and then those items will be converted at the current exchange rate.

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  • Alessio Re commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Is the currency conversion feature going to come to the mobile app anytime soon? :)


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