I suggest you ...

3 Things

1) Add the ability to split bills by percentage. I hate doing math.
2) Require members to aprove expenses. My roommate adds groceries and splits it without permission. Screw that.
3) Add opt in expenses. Like if someone buys food and puts it out in the apartment. I should have the option to join into a split. Get it?
- You better read this. Or I may build my own splitwise.

[NOTE: Edited for language. -RL]

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completed  ·  AdminSplitwise Support (-, Splitwise) responded  · 

Hey Joey,

I’ve split your suggestion into three parts, so that other users can find them more easily and vote on them individually. Here are the links, with quick reponses underneath:

1: http://splitwise.uservoice.com/forums/162446-general/suggestions/2862672-split-bills-by-percentage
You can actually split by percentage already, though it’s not documented. In the “add expense” pop-up, just enter percentages instead of exact amounts for the total that each person owes. Splitwise will divvy up the cost accordingly. (We’re working on a better, clearer way to do this, too.)

2: http://splitwise.uservoice.com/forums/162446-general/suggestions/2862679-require-users-to-approve-expenses-they-are-involve
We’ve considered this before and decided against it, but we will be adding two other features that accomplish many of the same things: (1) the ability to receive an email every time an expense is added, and (2) a “dashboard” that shows you the most recent changes to your apartment.

3: http://splitwise.uservoice.com/forums/162446-general/suggestions/2862702-allow-users-to-opt-in-to-expenses
This is an interesting idea! We’re already planning to add some features that will make it easier to split things by “shares”, and this could be a good extension of that.

Splitwise is a work-in-progress, but we’re doing our best to make it better and satisfy as many users as we can. If you have any more thoughts or suggestions, definitely let us know – we’d love to hear ’em.



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