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import from CSV take 2

I read through your reasoning on why you don't want to tackle supporting import from CSV. There is no standard, and creating one can be messy, particularly with the details you mentioned. However, the cases, if limited to a two-way split are simple to start and would cover that scenario.

I would expect to download a sample CSV (or my own db from your website), append to it exactly as it is, and reupload it to your parser. If a case isn't covered a quick "we don't understand this line please run us through it can feed back into a db where you can update your code to add support to it based on user inteaction with a modified "add a bill portion"

Some people that can't get it right will be frustrated, and shouldn't be using the "advanced" mode.

You'd be surprised how well we can contribute to your informatics when provided with an efficient avenue. e.g. i prefer text based vim and am far more effective with it than clunking around with a mouse. Heck, I could have an automated script SVN commit my banking CSVs parsing for transfers from my roomate into your database... wait a minute.


Happy coding!

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Thanks for the detailed thoughts! Building an importer is definitely possible, but it just hasn’t been a high enough priority for us yet – only a handful of people have asked for it, and we’re a tiny team (2 developers), so other updates end up taking precedence. We might get to it someday, but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, unfortunately.

If you’re feeling brave though (and you’re willing to ignore XKCD’s advice), we do have an API you could use for importing! Docs are here: http://dev.splitwise.com. Maybe someone will put a nice CSV import program up on GitHub for the power users :)


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  • Vibhav commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Need a mechanism to import existing expenses from Excel format into splitwise.

  • Pranay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ability to add few items at one go. Say 3 differrent bill items. This can even be done by adding a support to import CSV file in a template. This will be good atleast for group upload.

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