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    Thanks for the detailed thoughts! Building an importer is definitely possible, but it just hasn’t been a high enough priority for us yet – only a handful of people have asked for it, and we’re a tiny team (2 developers), so other updates end up taking precedence. We might get to it someday, but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, unfortunately.

    If you’re feeling brave though (and you’re willing to ignore XKCD’s advice), we do have an API you could use for importing! Docs are here: Maybe someone will put a nice CSV import program up on GitHub for the power users :)

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    Brijhb commented  · 

    Understand this is a forum for splitwise app, but I need to import old txns from another app into this. Trying to use the esecules splitwise-csv importer ( But I am stuck at this error...can anyone help, please ?

    python transactions.csv myGroupName

    File "", line 164
    print '\n'.join([str(t) for t in rows[0:2]])
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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