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    Updating this because it’s been a while! We still haven’t added this to our roadmap.
    As we mentioned we’ve found in testing that this behavior ends up confusing people, which is why we’ve chosen not to add it so far.

    We’ll continue to leave this under review for further voting and comments.

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    For a better understanding, I'll try to explain my specific situation. My friends and I share a Netflix account, and the monthly payment is done through my account. We established that each one of us would pay a full monthly fee on a rotating basis. So, when it is not my turn, the person assigned to that month must transfer me the amount of the fee. Since we have already a plan stating who pays and when, it would be helpful if I could add the planned transfers but that they would only be included in the balance after the established date.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Happy new year for you all! Keep the good work :)

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