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Why didn't debt simplification change anything?

Sometimes when you try to simplify debt, you'll add all your friends and nothing will change, even though you can see where your debts might be moved to other people to make your life simpler. There are 2 possible cases where this happens. The first thing that might happen is that a specific simplification might break one of the rules of simplification:

  1. Everyone owes the same net amount at the end.
  2. No one owes a person that they didn’t owe before.
  3. No one owes more money in total than they did before the simplification.

The second thing that might happen is that the simplification might not actually simplify anything. Things might be simpler for you if the simplification goes through, but at the cost of making things more complicated for your friends.

Unfortunately we can't provide detailed feedback about these issues, because it potentially violates the privacy of other Splitwise users (i.e. it would require us to disclose their balances with other people, which otherwise you would not be able to see). Our apologies for any inconvenience!

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