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  1. Are there fees to settle up on Splitwise?

  2. Can I set a "group admin", or set different permissions for different group members?

  3. Can I set a default currency?

  4. Can I split an expense by percentages?

  5. Can Splitwise do currency conversion between multiple currencies?

  6. Does Splitwise support "debt shuffling"?

  7. Help, I can't log in to my account!

  8. Help, I can't reset my password!

  9. Help, I see "Something went wrong. We're looking into it" when I try to use Venmo on the Splitwise website.

  10. Help, my balances are wrong!

  11. Help! A Venmo payment was sent to the wrong address!

  12. How can I cancel a recurring bill?

  13. How can I delete my account?

  14. How can I erase all personal data?

  15. How can I merge a group invite or friend invite into my existing account?

  16. How can I merge two separate accounts or email addresses?

  17. How do I add a new person to a group?

  18. How do I add a refund or reimbursement?

  19. How do I cancel a PayPal or Venmo payment?

  20. How do I change a friend's name or email address?

  21. How do I change the currency of an expense?

  22. How do I connect Splitwise to my bank account?

  23. How do I connect Splitwise to my PayPal account?

  24. How do I create a group?

  25. How do I create a recurring bill?

  26. How do I delete a friend?

  27. How do I delete a group?

  28. How do I export my transactions to a spreadsheet or Excel?

  29. How do I join an existing group?

  30. How do I log in with Facebook Connect on the Splitwise mobile app?

  31. How do I log in with my Google account on the Splitwise mobile app?

  32. How do I log out on all devices?

  33. How do I remove a person from a group?

  34. How do I request a payment via Venmo?

  35. How do I reset my password?

  36. How do I restore/"un-delete" a deleted group?

  37. How do I restore/"un-delete" an expense?

  38. How do I send money via PayPal or Venmo?

  39. How do I split a bill with multiple friends (outside of a group)?

  40. How do I undo a settlement?

  41. How do I use Splitwise?

  42. How to delete your Splitwise account

  43. I can't log in/sign up – I get the error "Invalid API request: invalid client". What do I do?

  44. I can't upload an attachment!

  45. I forgot my passcode! How can I disable it?

  46. I'm in a group twice

  47. Is there a Splitwise app for BlackBerry?

  48. Is there a Splitwise app for Windows Phone?

  49. My dashboard balances are different than my group balances!

  50. My friend had to cancel their plans and is not coming on our trip. How do I remove them from the group?

  51. My trip was canceled! How to handle refunded expenses.

  52. Someone added me to a group, but it isn't showing up in my account!

  53. Someone sent me a payment on Splitwise – how do I collect my money?

  54. Splitwise says my phone number "has already been taken" when I try to add my phone number to my account

  55. Tips for splitting expenses in groups with couples

  56. What do I do if someone is abusing or harassing me on Splitwise? Can I block them?

  57. What does the "simplify debts" setting do?

  58. What if someone pays me back before I'm done entering in expenses?

  59. What if Splitwise doesn't include my currency?

  60. Where can I view a history of recent changes to my account?

  61. Where did the recent changes notification flag go?

  62. Who can see my expenses and balances? How do I keep certain expenses and balances private?

  63. Why am I not receiving email notifications?

  64. Why am I seeing an expense limit?

  65. Why am I settled up in my friendship but still have balances with my friend in groups?

  66. Why can other people edit or delete expenses that I add?

  67. Why can't I make a payment through PayPal?

  68. Why can't I make a PayPal payment from the mobile app?

  69. Why can't I remove a group member with a non-zero balance?

  70. Why didn't debt simplification change anything?

  71. Why do I have to add friends in order to use Splitwise? Can I add a friend without an email address or phone number?

  72. Why does the Android app ask for so many permissions?

  73. Why is my PayPal payment still pending? or, Where did my PayPal payment go?

  74. Why is my Venmo payment pending?

  75. Why isn't my passcode working?

  76. Why was a "Settle all balances" expense added to my account?

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