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My trip was canceled! How to handle refunded expenses.

So sorry about your trip! Here are our tips for managing canceled plans and refunded expenses.

If you’ve added expenses that were fully refunded, we recommend simply deleting the original expense. You can delete an expense by following these steps from our mobile apps:

- Tap on the expense you’d like to delete
- On Android, scroll down to find the option to ‘Delete expense’
- On iOS, tap the garbage can icon to delete the expense

If you’ve added expenses that were partially refunded, we recommend editing the original expense to account for the new cost. For example, if you received a $50 refund for a $150 expense, we would recommend editing the original expense cost down to $100.

You can follow these steps from our mobile apps to edit the cost of an expense:

- Tap on the expense you’d like to edit
- Tap the pencil icon to open the ‘Edit expense’ screen
- Tap on the amount field and enter the new cost
- Hit ‘Save’

If payments were already sent and recorded in your group, you should leave them as is (don’t edit or delete them). Deleting or editing the original expenses will adjust your balances so that the new balances will display correctly. Note that this means folks who received payments may now find that they now owe those funds back to others.

If you would prefer to leave the original expenses as is, you can enter full or partial refunds as separate “negative expenses” from our website. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account on the web at
2. Navigate to your group by clicking on it in the left-hand sidebar
3. Click to add a new expense
4. Enter your description (i.e. ‘Hotel refund’)
5. Enter the amount that has been refunded
6. Click ‘equally’ in the ‘Paid by you and split equally’ line
7. Click the dollar bill icon for ‘Reimbursement’
8. Hit ‘Save’

This will add a Splitwise entry such that the person who received the refund owes each of their friends an equal share of that refund.

Finally, if you or a friend have had to cancel a trip or event that is still going forward, you can find steps to edit someone off of expenses here:

If you have a more complicated situation, or need help with any of the above please let us know at 

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