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Why am I not receiving email notifications?

There are several possible reasons for not receiving notifications:
  • You clicked an unsubscribe link: if you've ever clicked an unsubscribe link in a Splitwise email, we will not send you any further notifications. To resubscribe to Splitwise emails, please log in to Splitwise and then click here.
  • You don't have notifications enabled in your user settings: visit your account page to adjust your notification settings.
  • An expense was updated/removed immediately after it was added: Splitwise delays sending certain types of notifications for 60 seconds, in case the person adding the expenses needs to correct any errors. If you add an expense and immediately delete it, for example, no email notifications will be sent to the other people involved in the bill.
Please also note that you only receive notifications for changes made by other people. You will not receive emails for expenses that were added, edited, or deleted by you yourself.

If you're still having trouble with notifications, feel free to email us at, and we'd be happy to help you figure out what's up.

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