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Help, my balances are wrong!

Sorry for the trouble! Usually when people send us messages like this, it's because some part of the app is confusing, and their expectations don't line up with the app somehow. Here are some common causes of confusion:

1) Simplified debts in groups – This is a feature that changes who you owe in a group, while making sure that everyone still owes the same total amount as before. For example, if Anna owes Bob $10, and Bob owes Chris $10, then a group with simplified debts enabled would tell Anna to pay $10 directly to Chris. This feature is intended to make it easier to settle up quickly. It is disabled by default, and can be turned on and off from your group's settings screen.

2) Non-group transactions – If the balances in your group and the balances on your home screen/dashboard don't match up, it's probably because you have non-group transactions. Splitwise allows you to add bills and payments that don't belong to any group – for example, a random lunch with a friend, where it wouldn't make sense to make a whole new group for just one transaction. Non-group transactions are included in the total balance that you see on the home/dashboard screen, but are NOT included in the total balances for any of your groups.

You can view non-group transactions by clicking a friend's name in the left sidebar (on the web) or by tapping a friend's name on the home screen (in our mobile apps). If you did not intend to add non-group transactions, you can easily edit any bills or payments and move them into the intended group.

If you still think there's an error with your account, feel free to contact us at and include specific details on what part of your account seems to be incorrect. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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