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Why is my Venmo payment pending?

When your friends settle up with you via Venmo from Splitwise, we push them out to Venmo to complete the transfer. We pre-fill the recipient field with the primary email address on your Splitwise account. If that email address is not currently connected to a Venmo account, or has not been verified for Venmo, the payment is considered 'Incomplete' by Venmo.

The easiest way to claim the funds is to make sure the email you use for Splitwise is associated and verified on your Venmo account. To do so, please follow the steps below from a laptop or desktop computer (unfortunately this will not work from a mobile device):

1. Log into
2. Click this link:
3. Enter the email you use for Splitwise and click "Request verification"
4. Go to your email inbox and open / click the verification email from Venmo

Once you have taken these four steps, your payments should appear and future payments should appear seamlessly!

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