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My dashboard balances are different than my group balances!

Apologies for the confusion! This is actually totally normal – there are a lot of common reasons why the balances on your dashboard might not match the balances for your group.
  • You may have non-group expenses – items that were never assigned to a group, but which still contribute to your total balance. You can view your non-group expenses with any person by clicking/tapping on their name. On that friend's screen, you should see a list of your all non-group expenses that involve that person. If you wish to move any of those expenses into a group, just open the "Edit bill" screen and change the selected group.
  • Alternately, sometimes people mix up someone's total group balance with the amount that they owe YOU specifically. If the group balances screen says that someone owes $200, that amount may be split up across multiple people (for example, they may owe $100 to you and $100 to another group member).
  • Finally, if you think your group should be totally settled up but balances are still appearing on the dashboard, this is usually because the 'simplify debts' setting has not been turned on for your group. 'Simplify debts' automatically gets rid of debts that cancel each other out – so if you owe $20 to Anna, and Anna owes $20 to Bob, and Bob owes $20 to you, your group will 'simplify' all of that away and say that you are all settled up. The 'simplify' feature is turned off by default, as it can cause confusion when people aren't expecting it, but you can turn it on by going to your group's settings page. Enabling that setting should totally settle up your group, as long as everyone's total group balance is zero.
Hope that helps! If you're still confused about your balances, feel free to email us at for more help.

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