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Splitwise says my phone number "has already been taken" when I try to add my phone number to my account

Sorry for the trouble! This means that there's already another account on Splitwise with that phone number. It's possible that you accidentally created another Splitwise account in the past – for example, if someone tried to invite you to a group via phone number and you didn't merge the invite into your existing account. (Alternately, it's possible that someone else made a typo while entering their own phone number.)

To access the Splitwise account with that phone number, just go to our password reset page and enter your phone number. You'll receive a text message with a link to reset that account's password and log in. Once you log in to that account, you can either merge it with your existing account, or you can simply remove the phone number from the account settings page (which will allow you to add that phone number to your other account).

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