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How do I delete a group?

From our website:

- Log in to
- Navigate to that group in the left-hand sidebar
- Click the gray gear icon at the top right of the page.
- Below, a button will appear that says "Edit group" – click that button to be taken to the "Edit group" screen. 
- Then click the small red "Delete this group" link at the bottom of the screen.

From our mobile apps:

- Open the app
- Navigate to the group you wish to delete
- At the top of the screen there is a green header area (the one that lists group balances, above the expense list) 
  - iOS: Tap the cog-shaped button on the top right of the screen (Settings button)
  - Android: Tap the three vertical dot menu and select "Group Settings" 
- Tap the "Delete this group" button

Please note that this deletes the group for EVERYONE, so you should do this with caution, and usually only after everyone in the group has settled up.

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