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Why can other people edit or delete expenses that I add?

On Splitwise, a person can view, edit, or delete a bill if:

(a) They are involved in that bill, or
(b) They belong to the group which that bill is a part of.

There are no special "user permissons" based on who originally added an expense, or who created your group. We think it's important that Splitwise act like a wiki, where anyone involved can correct mistakes and fix problems. Imagine if someone added an incorrect bill to your account, and you had no way to ever remove it!

If you wish to receive alerts about changes to your accounts, you can turn on notifications to receive an email any time an expense is created, updated, or deleted.  You can also see a record of recent activity in your accounts by going to the "Recent activity" screen, which is listed in the left sidebar of our website and in the left-side menu of our mobile apps. We hope these notifications help to keep you informed about what's happening on Splitwise.

Alternately, you can create a group without entering email addresses for any other group members. This allows you to keep track of group debts privately, and then tell your fellow group members their balances later.

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