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What do I do if someone is abusing or harassing me on Splitwise? Can I block them?

Using Splitwise to abuse or harass someone is against our Terms of Service. If someone is abusing or harassing you on Splitwise you can add them to your blocklist by following these steps:

1. Navigate to your Account Settings page
2. Tap/click 'Manage Blocklist'
3. Enter the email address or phone number of the person you would like to block
4. Tap/click the 'Block' button

When you block someone on Splitwise, that person is automatically removed from your list of friends and balances. Additionally, the following kinds of information are also hidden:

-Any groups that involve the blocked person
-Any future notifications from that person
-Any future "recent activity" entries caused by that person's actions

Blocking another person does not notify that person about the block in any way. 

The blocked person can continue to add you to new expenses, groups, and more, but those new items will not appear in your account. If you choose to unblock the person later, then any items that they added you to will become visible at that time.

If you need assistance please contact our special support team immediately at and include the name/email address of the source of the abuse. 

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