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    I can see how this would be a huge help for people who have many friends with the same name who refuse to add their last name to their accounts! This isn’t on our roadmap yet, but it’s something we’ll consider in the future.

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    Tim D. commented  · 

    In the group balance screen, Splitwise will show a person's first name + the first letter of their last name.
    For example my name is shown as "Tim D."

    However in our group multiple people have the same first name, and often have a last name starting with the same letter.

    I am NOT the only "Tim D." in the group.
    This makes the balance screen very confusing.
    People owe "Tim D." money, but it's not clear WHICH Tim D.

    It would be awesome if you could address this problem.

    Thank You

    Tim D. supported this idea  · 

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