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    under review  ·  Zoe responded

    Thanks. I hear you. We’re hesitant to create a ‘staging site’ for bills because we think that may cause a lot of confusion — you’d have to remember which bills you had actually added versus ones you’d only partially added. You’d have to remember to revisit the app to actually submit expenses. We’re aware of the need and will keep thinking through how to best let you store info without necessarily pinging your friends. Cheers!

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    Archit Kulshreshtha commented  · 

    Often times the transaction is in the process for days or for weeks eg. if a crate of beers is bought by a person for suppose 3 people, he wants to add the bill when the crate is finished (which could take even 2 weeks) but he has to maintain a ledger of who had how many beers and the amount that will be split, accordingly. So maybe there could be a pending section for keeping tabs on the number of beers (atomicity will ensure anyone can update the entry) and move the pending to complete when the crate is finished.

    I don't want to mix the pending with complete transaction because it would cause confusion.

    Archit Kulshreshtha supported this idea  · 

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