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    Thanks for the suggestion – this definitely makes sense! Our recurring bill system is pretty basic right now, but hopefully we’ll have a chance to spruce it up in the future. It’d be great to support more flexible kinds of bills (every 3 weeks, the last Thursday of every month, things like that).

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    Aaron commented  · 

    There are some common recurring periods that Splitwise doesn't yet cover. For example, many car insurance policies renew every 6 months and estimated tax payments are quarterly. These would likely help families and couples more than roommates and it wouldn't be too costly to implement as static options if I recall the recurring code correctly.

    A more complex feature could allow for a repeat pairing between an integer and period e.g. repeat this expense every `6 weeks` or `4 months`.

    If it helps w/ prioritization this is currently easy to work around. I simply have 2 car insurance expenses six months apart that each repeat yearly and if I didn't set it up myself I wouldn't know the difference until I had to edit one or stop them.

    A recurrence that is more complicated would be half-month expenses like those that take place on the 15th and the end of the month. I don't currently have a use case for this in mind beyond paychecks if that's how you're using your Splitwise account.

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