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    An update: we’re still not planning to add the concept of a payment for a specific bill or a specific expense. We’ve left this idea under review for many years, but we’re not convinced it’s the right idea for Splitwise. We think focusing on a total balance makes things simpler in most cases. This is also how a bank balance works.

    Here’s two potential work-arounds if you’re not satisfied:

    1. Let’s say you want to set things up so you can see if people have specifically paid for a certain bill, or for a certain month of expenses. You can create a group just for that bill or month – then, when viewing that group, you will only see balances owed from that specific bill or set of bills.

    2. Once you pay an amount and want to keep track of it being for a certain bill, you could use…

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    steve commented  · 

    I just started using this program recently and i really like it except ive been having the same issue as these guys that unfortunately will prevent me from using it. Until this enhancement is included, i unfortunately cannot use this app because the people that owe me money cannot see why, without me manually going into each bill and calculating why for them. What is the point of splitwise then if i have to do this?

    When my roomates pull up the app, all it says is "you owe..." A certain amount, but it doesn't properly breakdown why you owe it (it only gives u a record of ALL bills). The question of "why do i owe this much" cannot be answered without wasting ALOT of time going thru all the records.

    Like any bill, you should have the capability to find out exactly why you owe a certain amount (ie. for october rent and share of electricity..but NOT Sept rent bc its already been paid for).

    This seems like a rudimentary essential feature that you guys seemed to overlook. I can understand the need to have it the way it is right now (consolidating all monies owed to a certain person) but the missing feature of being able to break down "why i owe" is still such a glaring issue and honestly I believe is the biggest flaw/drawback/achilles heel/lacking of splitwise.

    Anyone who disagrees probably either just doesn't care about why he owes someone money or uses the app in a different way. But I'd say that being able to know 'why you owe money' is a very reasonable, basic, civil necessity not only for this app but for every bill or debt we owe.

    Solution: i think the solution is simple. Keep the code the way it is, just add the ability to mark a bill paid or partially paid (with how much) for the share the person owes. For example: september rent shows Bob owes $100 & Joe owes $200, and electricity bill $200 joe owes. When entering a payment from Joe of $300, user can mark sept rent fully paid for joe and electricity partially paid.

    Endstate: when clicking on how much you owe to someone, it will output all bills that have NOT been marked fully paid.

    Unless the code is really messy i dont see how hard this can be.

    Pls let me know when this feature is added as I am happy to return to use this app and tell all my friends how awesome it is. Until then, im going to other sites. Thanks for listening!

    steve supported this idea  · 

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