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    Hey Kshitij! The reason our JavaScript is included in the main page is mostly because of how Splitwise /used/ to work a few years ago – we used to include a lot of customized code depending on exactly which user was loading the page. We’d like to move our JS code to a separate page sometime soon, mainly to improve page loading/caching performance.

    Also, we may obfuscate our JavaScript code at some point in the future, but there’s no way to actually encrypt JavaScript in the browser – your browser has to be able to read the code in order to run it. Obfuscating JavaScript files can be useful for improving load time, since the file sizes are usually smaller, but we also enjoy keeping our code readable, especially since it lets other people look at your front-end code and learn how it works. (There isn’t any secure information in…

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    TaraHaley commented  · 

    The reason that all of your javascript is on the main page is because the only way for us to test your code is by running it in production. There's no way we can run it in development or "compile" it to see if it works. Your code doesn't work in development because you haven't done anything to make it work there, and there's no way we can test whether or not it works without doing something that breaks your site. And if we run into a bug, then we have to fix it. One of my friends also sent me article which is about the introverts and being an introvert I am so proud of myself after reading that article.

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