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    Splitwise has some basic support for this now, depending on what you’re looking for. We now support multiple email addresses for a single account, so you can more easily share one account with multiple people.

    However, we won’t automatically adjust how much you should owe as a “couple”. For example, if “Bob” adds an expense with “Sue and John’s Couple Account”, then the bill will be split 50/50 between those two Splitwise accounts. I can definitely see how it would be useful to automatically make Sue and John pay for 2 shares, but we’re unlikely to add that feature in the near future. For now, you can still work around this by manually using the “Split by shares” option when adding a bill, and assigning 2 shares to the relevant account.

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    Niklas Dey commented  · 

    Imagine my wife and I are with friends on holiday. Some activities we join together, others separate.

    It would be great if my wife and I can be tagged separately for certain expenses, so both names are available in that group. Bit at the end the open debts are combined to a Common couple account this we have the Same Bank Account. It Makes absolutely no sense that I owe money to my wife of that we have to Pay multiple amounts in that group from One Bank Account.

    Niklas Dey supported this idea  · 
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    Niklas Dey commented  · 

    We often make holidays with a bigger group also containing couples, paying together at the end.

    The Problem: meanwhile husband and wife pay things in Smaller groups: for example the wife with her girls during shopping and the husband with his men at the beach.

    So both Need their name in the List. No shares needed so far. At the end it happens that the wife has to give money to heir husband?! Makes no sense.

    -> function needed that combines both of their single accounts to a virtual wallet. Saying „couple A“ owes x€ to Y.

    That would be Amazing.

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