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    Updating our response since it’s been a long time since the idea was opened. Even though saving the type of unequal split feels like something that would obviously be nice to have (I certainly would use it myself every so often), it requires a change to our data structures, and is therefore a bunch of difficult work to fix, especially since it would need to be fixed separately across iPhone, Android, and web.

    If you have a specific use case where not having this feature is really bothering you a lot, please email, or comment below to let us know why it’s important to you. The original poster’s meal example is clear and I’m wondering if there are other reasons why it is needed, or any easier way for us to fix it.

    In terms of the priorities of our small team, most bills on Splitwise are split…

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    For me this problem is also the most important problem to choose if I will be using splitwise again or not. We are a large group to go on a weekend, and it is never possible to know exactly who will stay 1 or 2 nights, who will eat, if the families bring all of their kids or one less, ... so many reasons to make changes to the division of the parts after you filled in at first time. I can imangine you suggest to fill in later when we know definitly, but then we have to keep everything on another way. Now we filled in all costs in advance (after we went shopping and got the bill of the house), so we only needed to make little changes on the amount of people who are there for meals and overnights. But that seemed to be not possible. For me this is an important lack.

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