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    Thanks for the suggestion! I totally understand this use case – “don’t settle up until I add everything” is something I’ve heard friends of mine say anecdotally. I’ll add this to our list of possible improvements for future versions :)

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    Michael Chaffee commented  · 

    So, my friends and I go on a group trip. Naturally we create a Splitwise group, just for that one trip, to enter our shared costs, because Splitwise is excellent ?

    So after the trip we get home and go back to work and wait for all the CC charges to post. And then, at some point days or weeks later, someone eventually will text the group saying "does everyone have all their expenses in? Can we settle up?"

    It's not a big deal, obviously, but Splitwise would be EVEN MORE EXCELLENT if each member of a group could set/unset a flag indicating whether they had entered all their expenses. Then, once all users indicated that they had entered all their expenses, Splitwise could send a notification to all members of the group indicating that it's time to settle up.

    Please feel free to reach out if you like my idea and want more details. And thanks for being excellent!

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