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    Thanks for the suggestion! We have a very basic version of this on our website – the “Simplify debts with this person” button, buried under friend settings – but it’s very hard to find, and it’s not very powerful (you can’t specify which group you want to move balances into). I’ll pass on a note about this and see if we can clean up that feature at some point soon :)

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    Roy Murray commented  · 

    I'm a member of a small group of friends that meets regularly for new outings and activities. We've started using Splitwise to manage the sharing of costs of these outings, but are disappointed that we can't transfer the outstanding balance of one outing to the next (e.g. we name a group related to the outing or activity we are on). We don't want the hassle of settling up small outstanding balances which are likely to even out over the year. We appreciate this will only be relevant to groups that always have the same people in them, but you'd probably be surprised how many similar friendship groups that would welcome this additional functionality being added to Splitwise.

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