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    Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how this would be a useful feature, but it’s also a fairly rare case in our experience, so it’s not yet on our roadmap. If we do eventually add it, we’ll want to make sure that it works in a non-confusing way, as we’ve found that various other features that transfer debt (the “simplify debts” setting in groups, etc) can sometimes cause serious confusion for the people involved.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    We have a regular problem, when going on a trip with a group of ppl 6+, where there are couples and we split transactions between all the ppl, but then only one person from a couple (whoever is better with technology or has more money) wants to pay for their partner, and we have to workaround through recording two new transactions for each couple like that. With our last trip 10 ppl involved, some guys got so confused with it that it's hard for me to convince them using splitwise again, even though I love it and want all my friends to use it, super-convenient and useful tool!

    The way I imagine it, we would first settle all the balances in the group and after that say my friend Jenna and her boyfriend Joe owe me $50 each in the group "Trip to Tahoe".
    Jenna can click a button smth like "Debt transfer" and transfer this $50 debt from Joe to herself.

    Right now it can be done through a workaround of multiple fake cash payments, but it would be awesome to have it more transparent and clear like that.

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