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    Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how this would be a useful feature, but it’s also a fairly rare case in our experience, so it’s not yet on our roadmap. If we do eventually add it, we’ll want to make sure that it works in a non-confusing way, as we’ve found that various other features that transfer debt (the “simplify debts” setting in groups, etc) can sometimes cause serious confusion for the people involved.

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    Mohammad Ali commented  · 

    JD owes me 1,000 Yens from a previous trip. On our next trip I owe Asad 1,500 Yens. I want to pay Asad 500 Yens and transfer balance to JD. Now I want JD to pay Asad and settle on my behalf.

    Practically it can happen this way, but on the app, we have to "fake" it by settling the transaction b/w me & JD and then again b/w me & Asad.

    In other words I want JD to pay up - I cannot until this feature is made available. Please make JD pay ... JD - please pay up!

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