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    We’d definitely like to improve clarity on debt simplification. In most situations, it’s impossible to show the full details of a debt simplification without compromising privacy, but we may be able to show only the parts of a simplification that directly involve you. (You can sort of do this already by going to the “All expenses” tab and viewing all the individual transactions involved in a debt simplification.)

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    David commented  · 

    I'm a huge fan of the simplify debts feature, and turn it on for my groups, but when paying back, people get very confused and conflicting instructions on how to to pay.

    Specifically, in the center of the screen it will say things like "Person A lent you $10", and only shows who they actually owe on the right side.

    While there is a question mark next to "Simplify Debts is ON", many people just glance at the center of the screen and start paying the amounts shown next to "Lent you"

    It will be helpful if either it didn't show the "Lent You" amounts without you digging in, or had a centered / attention grabbing area with a clear amount owed and an short explanation of "simplify debts"

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