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    Updating this as it’s been a while. You can currently accomplish this by setting your expense to recur every month and then editing the amount on the expense once it posts.

    Apologies that we don’t have a better way of managing this yet!

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    Alex John commented  · 

    Recurring expenses with varying costs are those expenses that occur regularly but with different costs each time. These expenses can be challenging to budget for, as they require flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing costs.

    Some examples of recurring expenses with varying costs include:

    Utility bills: The cost of utilities like electricity, gas, and water can vary depending on usage and rates.

    Groceries: The cost of groceries can fluctuate depending on the cost of food items, seasonal availability, and personal preferences.

    Transportation: The cost of transportation, such as gas, tolls, and public transportation, can vary depending on the distance traveled, mode of transportation, and fuel prices.

    Health care: The cost of health care, including insurance premiums and copays, can vary depending on the provider, coverage level, and medical needs.

    Entertainment: The cost of entertainment, including dining out, movies, and concerts, can vary depending on the venue, time of day, and popularity.

    To manage recurring expenses with varying costs, it is essential to track expenses carefully and adjust your budget as needed. You can also consider using tools like budgeting apps or spreadsheets to help you track and manage your expenses. Additionally, it's important to prioritize your spending and cut back on non-essential expenses when necessary.

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