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    We don’t have any plans to add the ability to add bills that have not yet been paid for, because we think it could cause confusion. I’m going to leave this under review for further voting and comments.

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    Shoey commented  · 

    A workaround to possibly track an unpaid bill, is to add a user/member to the group called "Unpaid". Then set the paid by to that member ("Unpaid"), but assign no split/share/items to it - its effectively an entity who lend the money to the entire group in the future.

    Then it can be settled in a few ways:
    1) One real person paid that particular bill, then that person pays "Unpaid" the whole amount, and with Simplify Debts ON, it will show you how much everyone else needs to pay that person (or Edit Expense to set it to be paid by that person)
    2) If everyone actually paid their share of that individual bill, then you Edit Expense and set the payer from "Unpaid" to Multiple, and there is nothing owing on that bill. (Or record payments from the person to "Unpaid")

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