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    Budgets definitely make a lot of sense. They’re not a feature on our roadmap yet (we’re a tiny team, and still focused on other improvements), but hopefully they’re something we can work on in the future.

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    Manuel Meurer commented  · 

    I use a Splitwise group with my girlfriend and we always add our expenses when one of us buys something for both of us (grocery shopping, eating out etc.)
    Now we both have a reminder in our calendar to check our group once a month and balance it out (by transferring the amount via bank transfer). Sometimes our group is almost balanced at the end of the month though so it's not really worth it...
    What would be really cool would be an option where we could say "send a reminder to a person if the balance goes over/under a certain threshold". So for example, we would say that my girlfriend is notified if she owes me more than 500€ (not at the end of the month but immediately when an expense is added that moves the balance over the threshold).
    What do you think? :)


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