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    I can definitely see how this would be useful! Hopefully we can consider adding support for a “kitty fund” or the like sometime in the future.

    For now, I’ve seen a few people simulate this by adding an additional member to their group called “Kitty fund”, and using that extra member to keep track of shared funds. For example, if everyone pays $100 to the kitty fund at the beginning of the month, then you can choose the kitty fund as the payer for new expenses like groceries or rent. Splitwise should accurately update to show how much money the kitty fund has left (e.g. “The kitty fund owes $50” = the kitty fund has $50 left). It’s definitely a bit of a hack, but it might be worth trying if you and your friends always split bills this way.

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    Anonymous commented  · Try this it works perfect for the advance fund collected (I have created Excel spreadsheet with formulas to verify the computing). you can select the same person who have received the advance and keep adding expenses as occurred, At the end it will consider the advance and compute the expenses.

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