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    Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how this would be a useful feature, but it’s also a fairly rare case in our experience, so it’s not yet on our roadmap. If we do eventually add it, we’ll want to make sure that it works in a non-confusing way, as we’ve found that various other features that transfer debt (the “simplify debts” setting in groups, etc) can sometimes cause serious confusion for the people involved.

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    Like others have said, having manual transfers of debt would be extremely useful. Right now, you have to manually do it by creating a dummy payment transaction from A to B, and then create a bill where C owes B. This can be confusing to everyone involved (and has happened many times between our groups of friends that use splitwise). This scenario is common between couples (and or families) where people either don't have an account (sig other or kids) or one person of the couple handles the transactions, but you STILL need to be able to split up the amounts accordingly.

    E.G. splitting an itemized dinner bill.

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