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    We agree that managing recurring bills could be better. Currently, the way to edit recurring bills is to change the most recent copy and that will change ones that follow. It will not affect the past expenses.
    We’re considering how to improve this, and will leave this under review for now.

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    Koen Torfs commented  · 

    the way how splitwise handles the editing of (future) recurring tasks is completely unlogical. you don't need to add them to the balance to be settled when they did not occur yet (surely if you postpone the time forward). it is sad, as a paying splitwise customer, to see that this is already a 6+ year old issue I can read below. do you actually listen to your customers ?
    recurring bills don't always come in at the same time, surely not the yearly recurring ones. if I then need to postpone the date, they pop up in the bills to be settled with an amount which actually might not even be the amount which will need to be paid for that year. now (as paying customer) I need to keep a separate extra administration next to splitwise (which I pay to handle this task normally) for such occasions and then I need to put extra work into creating fix payments when the actual bill comes in. it is unnecessary extra work for your customers for a feature which is technically really not hard to implement. make either all tasks with a date in the future disappear from the balance of the current date or make a checkbox so people who do want to add future payments to the current balance (which makes no sense to me to begin with) can still get the current behavior. it can even work with the described way of editing the most recent copy of that payment. how can something so trivial take so much time ?
    can we get an ETA on this please ?

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