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    Hey there! I can’t quite tell from your description – are you trying to add a recurring bill (e.g. a cable bill that’s the same cost every month), or a recurring payment to another Splitwise user (e.g. you pay back your friend $50 every week)? We don’t support recurring payments to friends right now, but we do support recurring bills: just click on the date when adding or editing a bill, and you’ll see options to make that bill recur weekly/monthly/etc. Hope that helps!

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    James Thorpe commented  · 

    Add the functionality to be able to add recurring payments. This would allow for where group members have set up standing orders to cover regular bill payments. As an example, one member was paying the energy bill of 100 a month in a group of 4 then each group member would pay a standard order of 25 a month to the bill payer. Then each quarter or month say, the bill payer posts the actual cost of the energy and any true-up payment is calculated. In addition, if regular costs are also set up (equal to the recurring payments) then no variance would accrue. Then the bill payer could enter the actual bill and Splitwise deduct the accrued expected amount / replace the expected amount. This has the same effect as before allowing the group the true up their bills.

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